hard black中文意思是什麼

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  • hard: adj 1 硬的,堅固的 (opp soft)。2 (身體)結實的;(組織等)健全的。3 (問題、工作等)困難的,費...
  • black: n 布萊克〈姓氏〉。adj 1 黑,黑色的。2 暗的;黑暗的。3 (教士等)穿黑衣的。4 污染的,(手等)弄臟...

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  1. Their village was called " stjukshon, " spring at the foot of a black mountain, which eventually evolved into " tucson, " first with a hard " c " and later anglicized into a silent " c.

    圖森在印第安語里的意思是「黑山的水」 。在santa cruz河畔,至少2000多年,它是印第安村莊和農場之鄉。
  2. I looked on the little church and on the grave with its hard black letters.

  3. The black velveteen is made with guinness irish stout and hard apple cider

  4. Oh, he knew it all, and knew them well, from a to z. good, as goodness might be measured in their particular class, hard - working for meagre wages and scorning the sale of self for easier ways, nervously desirous for some small pinch of happiness in the desert of existence, and facing a future that was a gamble between the ugliness of unending toil and the black pit of more terrible wretchedness, the way whereto being briefer though better paid

  5. Now john harlin iii, just shy of his 50th birthday, recently returned to attempt to climb the hard, black limestone wall that killed his father