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  • hard: adj 1 硬的,堅固的 (opp soft)。2 (身體)結實的;(組織等)健全的。3 (問題、工作等)困難的,費...
  • dot: n 多特 〈Dorothea 的昵稱〉。n 1 點;圓點;句點;【音樂】附點〈音符后的一點,表示延長1/2拍〉。2 一...
  • process: n 1 進行,經過;過程,歷程;作用。 2 處置,方法,步驟;加工處理,工藝程序,工序;製作法。3 【攝影...

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  1. Medical practice is very complex, the change that produces in process of some medical treatment can prevent, but also a few circumstances can foreknow not only and also control hard

  2. So cross section and particle production are not calculated consistently. and it is difficult for gri5ov - regge theory to include hard process. the parton 6ased gri6ov - regge theory provide a solution : elementary scatterings happen in parajlel, described phenomenologically as pomeron exchanges

  3. By observing the energy band of hard x - ray, people not only can expand a series of studies to celestial bodies or phenomena of nova and supernova ' s breaking out, nucleus ' s compose, but also many interactional process of thermal braking radiation, synchronal radiation

  4. For real complex industrial process plants with long time delay, nonlinear, multi - disturbance, and strong coupling, it is hard to develop practical mathematical models, and the complex plants are difficult to control automatically

  5. And now, a new wave of information construction appears in our country including electronic office. at the same time, we set up many information systems that are independent and have no uniform organization or standard. these isolated information islands make it hard to share information resource and block the process of information construction