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  • hardware: 1 五金器具;金屬製品。2 (計算機的)硬體;(電子儀器的)零件,部件;(飛彈的)構件;機器;計算機...
  • components: 部件

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  1. Qin lian hardeare products factory is a professional factory of hardware components. our main products are die - cutting products, spring, screw, lathe - made components, metal tube ( called gooseneck ), which apply to such industrial lines as electronic, electronic toy, switch, lighting, camera, earphone, microphone, and so on. with advanced machines, mature technique, good management, skilled workers and educated, talented managers, our company will bring you good hardware complonents and top - ranking service

  2. According to john dunkle, president of portsmouth, n. h. - based workgroup strategic services, pc or server hardware components make up only one - third of the total lifetime cost of the system, while training, service and support make up the remaining two - thirds of the money spent to maintain a network

    據位於新罕布希爾州浦茲茅斯市的工作組戰略服務公司的總裁約翰?鄧克爾稱, pc機或服務器的硬體部分只佔系統生命周期總成本的1 / 3 ,而培訓、服務和支持佔了維持一個網路所花費用的其餘2 / 3 。
  3. We specialize in making the standard hardware components and non - standard hardware component by the automatic lathe and multi - function machine

  4. The product widely applies in profession domain and so on the galvanization, ion coating, electron, mechanical hardware components, automobile, aviation, national defense weapon, clock and watch, glass product, chemical fiber, medical instrument, liquid crystal, optics, jewelry, bearing

  5. All hardware components ( screws, bolts, etc. ) are to be packaged in protective pack before being taped onto a wrapped item witnin the carton