hardware subassembly中文意思是什麼

hardware subassembly解釋

  • hardware: 1 五金器具;金屬製品。2 (計算機的)硬體;(電子儀器的)零件,部件;(飛彈的)構件;機器;計算機...
  • subassembly: n. 【機械工程】局部裝配;配件,組件,部件。

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  1. Design philosophy of hardware and software is established. the paper bases control algorithm of operator and control program diagram on thorough investigation into truck crane operation reliability action flow, which makes sure of accurate and effective control over handle and accelerograph and achieves test process automatization

  2. Secondly, the state monitoring system for the acentric compressor machine sets is designed including hardware and software. the system manages to monitor the real - time states and can successfully analyze and diagnose exceptions on the machine sets

  3. Abstract : radiate thermometer uses a high definitive operation circuit in the modulation and linerization of weak optical signals. the theory of colorimetry was used in measuring the temperature. analogic channel and digital interfaces were added in order to expand the instrument. a kind of double channel ' s photocolorimeter including its hardware and software is introduced

  4. Operating system is the only basic software anear the hardware. its security is the base of other software. if there is no the security base, the security of application system or security system building on operating system, such as pki, encryption techniques, is not ensured

    操作系統是唯一緊靠硬體的基本軟體,其安全職能是其他軟體安全職能的根基,缺乏這個安全的根基,構築在其上的應用系統以及安全系統,如pki 、加密解密技術的安全性是得不到根本保障的。
  5. The top concern of development is how to read the image of bank paper and then recognize its code exactly. in consideration of cost and uers " convenience, single chip computer or dsp is used in the hardware design