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  • health: n. 1. 健康;健康狀態;衛生。2. 昌盛,興旺;生命力。3. (祝健康的)乾杯。
  • regulation: n 1 規則,規程,規章,條例。2 控制,管理,限制,(情慾等的)節制。3 調整,調節,整頓。4 校準;穩...

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  1. Entron aisie is a share of the digestive system of human body, will be had dianhoea lf ansing pathological changes, lt is had that constipatiao adsorb, with vanous plant shrewd oll prescnption, stlff lnfiltation promtes enteron aisle into the regulation enteron aisle and cell of human body, through prefesslobal skill to wnggle, it is lasting to stengthen function health, eliminate function obstacle

  2. New york ( reuters health ) sept 07 - a short period of sleep deprivation causes changes in hormonal glucose regulation, with a strong effect on pancreatic islet secretion, a decrease in glucagon levels and a slight reduction in c - peptide levels, according to a small study in the august issue of the journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism

    紐約(路透社健康新聞) 9月7日據《臨床內分泌及代謝》雜志8月刊上的一項小型研究稱,短期的睡眠不足會導致葡萄糖調節激素改變,對胰島素分泌產生強烈影響,降低高血糖素水平,使c -肽水平輕微減少。
  3. According to the present regulation, the passenger carries the pet dog and cat, must declare the health certificate which from the output country ( or area ). and the quarantine office will isolate the pet for quarantine, if health to be normal only then may allow to release

  4. The vaccine with at present commonly used vaccinate of our country children can divide it is 3 kinds : immunity of the first kind of plan of 5 kinds of children that consolidates a regulation for the country uses vaccine, include : second liver is 100 days of grey vaccine of bcg vaccine, backbone, broken vaccine, measles vaccine, vaccinal ; the 2nd kind brings into children to plan the vaccine of immune management for ministry of public health ; the 3rd kind is saved for each ( municipality, municipality directly under the central government ) the vaccine that bring into or plans to bring into children vaccinate to manage, if shed wind of cheek of vaccine of liver of cerebral vaccine, second head vaccine, measles vaccine, armour, hemp, vaccinal, flu vaccine, yaricella vaccine, pneumonic vaccine, haemorrhage heats up vaccine to wait

  5. Safety and health regulation for fur manufacture