音標 [hɑ:t]
n. 名詞 1. 心臟,心。
2. 胸,胸部;心胸,心地,心腸,胸懷。
3. 感情,熱情,愛情;靈魂;良心。
4. 勇氣,膽力;勇士。
5. 精神,氣質;心境,心情。
6. 中心,核心;精華,要點,本質。
7. 意中人,情人;心愛的人,寶貝兒。
8. 〈主英〉(土地的)肥沃程度。
9. 心臟形的東西。
10. 【牌戲】紅桃,紅心;〈pl. 〉一組紅桃花樣的紙牌;一種設法不拿到紅桃的紙牌游戲。
vt. 及物動詞 將…記在心中。
Heart a warning 記住警告。


    1. Here, the same format was used for the seminar as for the one in ghana, except by master s arrangement, we were able to use st paul s church, in the heart of the city of abidjan, for our venue

    2. Alleviate the method of pressure : after coming home first loud growl should abreact the complaint in the heart 5 minutes come out ; sit on sofa to hear light music 15 minutes silently again, after passing, you can feel heart li shu is taken much

    3. My dear kitty told me today that she would dance in a deluge before ever she would starve in such an ark of salvation for, as she reminded me blushing piquantly and whispering in my ear though there was none to snap her words but giddy butterflies, dame nature, by the divine blessing, has implanted it in our heart and it has become a household word that il y a deux choses for which the innocence of our original garb, in other circumstances a breach of the proprieties, is the fittest nay, the only, garment

      吾之情婦基蒂今日相告,伊情願舞于洪水中,亦不願在救命方舟中挨餓。何耶?伊對予傾訴雲此時,盡管除翩翩起舞之蝴蝶,絕無偷聽者,伊依然臉色紅漲,附耳低語:吾曹生就無垢之肌膚,換個情況必將導致破壞禮儀,然而在二種場合下180 ,會成為唯一之可身衣裳。
    4. Effects of relaxation training and abdominal breathing on t - wave and heart rate of college students under stress

    5. It is not the firmest heart that can most easily bid adieu to these soft and mingled emotions.