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  1. Discussion on abidance development in pingdingshan coal group co. ltd

  2. Projection algorithm is presented as follows : first, characterize the reference image and the float image and turn into binary images ; then, project the binary images onto the abscissa and y - axis and get the projection vectors ; last, according to the elements of the vectors, the rotation and translation parameters were calculated separately

    投影法通過二值化參考圖象和浮動圖象,沿x軸、 y軸投影得到投影向量,然後根據投影向量元素的大小和位置,分別檢測圖象間旋轉、平移運動的大小。
  3. The abstraction of elements from soil water by plant roots can have a marked effect on chemical reaction rates.

  4. Shenzhen jiyaxuan craft co., ltd., developed from shenzhen yalang frame wood craft co., ltd., is a professional company engaged merely in producing wooden photo frame, canvas frame, mirror frame and frame elements, which is located in shenzhen, the front - line of reform and opening to the world policy of china

  5. We will study the core competitive power of jiuzhitang co., ltd ( hereinafter referred to as jiuzhitang ) according to analysis & assessment of the composition elements of enterprise core competitive power