heavy isotope中文意思是什麼

heavy isotope解釋

  • heavy: adj (馬)患哮喘病的。adj 1 重的 (opp light) 有重量的;重型的;裝備重型武器的。2 大的;大量的,...
  • isotope: n. 【化、物】同位素。

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  1. It can also restrain the decomposition of organic substances in the soil and the bind of nitrogen, and wash away the nutritious elements, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. the acid rain deprives the soil. it acidifies the rivers and lakes, and dissolves the heavy metal in the soil into water, therefore poisons the fish

  2. Alas ! the heavy day !

  3. Here comes a story about three people with sliding fortune : a gangster running away from mafias after killing their boss ; an ex - doctor who has just got out of prison because of his malpractice ; and a woman with serious liver aliment escaping from debt collectors because of her heavy spending on shopping

  4. Therefore, based on the isotopic chorology, petrochemistry, geochemisty and sr, nd, pb isotope, the ph. d dissertation mainly studied some yanshanian mafic dikes, volcanic rocks and alkalic - ultramafic dikes in shandong province

    本論文主要從同位素年代學、巖石化學、地球化學和sr ? nd ? pb同位素方面對山東地區燕山期基性脈巖、火山巖和堿性超基性脈巖進行了系統研究。
  5. Using potted trial, the soil heavy metal lead pollution influences on maize plant growth were studied under lime ameliorant condition