heel man中文意思是什麼

heel man解釋

  • heel: vt 【航海】使(船)傾斜。vi (船)傾側 (over)。 heel to port [starboard] 船向左[右]舷傾斜。n (...
  • man: n (pl men )1 〈無冠詞、單數〉人,人類;【生物學】人科。2 男人;大人,成年男子;男子漢,大丈夫;...

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  1. To aarhus with a sick young man and his parents

  2. A man who betrays a friend abases himself

  3. An aboriginal called jim was an abnormal man

  4. In the morning, when the man picked up overnight had been newly dismissed, all the courtesans of the quarter were wont to come marketing here, their eyes heavy with sleep, their feet in old down - at - heel shoes and themselves full of the weariness and ill humor entailed by a night of boredom. from the four converging streets they came down into the market, looking still rather young in some cases and very pale and charming in their utter unconstraint ; in others, hideous and old with bloated faces and peeling skin

  5. And a while, the young man stood by, shamefaced, and down-at-heel, submitting.