helsomebody with something中文意思是什麼

helsomebody with something解釋

  • with:
  • something: pron 1 某物,某事。2 若干,幾分;某類事物〈表示的是模糊的概念〉。3 實有物 (opp nothing)。4 重要...

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  1. His posture - flat upon his back, with his hands crossed upon his stomach and tied with something that he easily broke without profitably altering the situation - the strict confinement of his entire person, the black darkness and profound silence, made a body of evidence impossible to controvert and he accepted it without cavil

    他的姿勢(身體平躺,雙手交錯放在肚子上,手腕被什麼東西綁著,而他是不需調整最佳姿勢就可以輕松掙斷這個東西的) 、他被牢牢禁錮著的身體、漆黑的夜色和悚然的寂靜,這一切都是無可辯駁的證據,他只能無可奈何地接受。
  2. This noon when i had a walk along the river bank before our company yard, i saw a microbus with something like a plum tree in it going into our company yard

  3. He seemed to be wrestling with something.

  4. In case you haven ' t noticed all those cute commercials and the signs in your favorite gift stores, sunday, may 9, is mother ' s day - and it ' s time to come up with something spectacular

    如果你還沒有注意到那些可愛的廣告和你喜愛的禮品店裡的那些招牌的話,周日( 5月9日)就是母親節了,該是你做些與眾不同的事情的時候了。
  5. Every year, cannes carefully mixes glitz and grit, critic - pleasers and crowd - teasers, to come up with something for everyone