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  1. Conclusion : the cortical branches occlusion of the anterior cerebral artery may cause the symptoms of contralateral hemiplegia, murism or apathy

  2. Early limbs rehabilitation for hemiplegia patients after stroke

  3. The application of cinesiateics in rehabilitation of cerebral hemiplegia

  4. In this paper, besides the simulation of the normal physiological condition, ecg waveforms under pathological conditions due to cell membrane ionic channel mutation such of as long - qt syndrome, short - qt syndrome, t wave alternans and brugada syndrome also be simulated and researched, which validated this ecg model, at the same time be beneficial to further research on

    文中除了模擬正常生理狀態下的心電圖以外,對長qt間期綜合癥、短qt間期綜合征、 t波電交替和brugada綜合癥等幾種由細胞膜離子通道改變所引起的病態心電圖波形也進行了模擬研究,充分驗證了模型的正確性,同時也為進一步在此上進行疾病治療藥物的研究奠定了基礎。
  5. After its attack, major clinical symptoms include recurrent headaches, vomiting, higher blood pressure, and cognitive disorders accompanied by hemiplegia