hepatitis b-post transfusion中文意思是什麼

hepatitis b-post transfusion解釋

  • hepatitis: n. 【醫學】肝炎。 infectious [serum] hepatitis 傳染性[血清]肝炎。
  • b:
  • post: n 1 (被指定的)地位,崗位;職位,職守。2 【軍事】哨所,站;哨兵警戒區;〈轉義〉哨兵,衛兵。3 基...
  • transfusion: n. 移注;滲入,滲透;灌輸;【醫學】輸血(法);輸液(法)。

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  1. Glaxosmithkline does market 3tc in china - but only combined with another drug, azt, as a dual therapy fdc tablet, or in a dosage which is suitable for treating hepatitis b but not recommended for hiv aids. the lack of access to a generic triple fdc forces msf and others to pay five times more for first - line arv treatment in china than in cambodia

  2. But, as with hepatitis b, the true tally is much greater than that.

  3. Hepatitis b was eliminated as a serious transfusion peril by the late 1970s.

  4. Effects of foscarnet sodium on severe icteric hepatitis b

  5. In august 1983, the first case of hepatitis b & c infected by transfusion occurred in our country, after that, a series of case followed, which claimed for the transfusion hepatitis civil compensation for the transfusion