heroin-induced pulmonary edema中文意思是什麼

heroin-induced pulmonary edema解釋

  • heroin: n. 【藥學】海洛因,二乙醯嗎啡。
  • induced: 感生的
  • pulmonary: adj. 1. 肺的。2. 有肺的。3. 肺狀的,像肺的。4. 對肺有影響的。
  • edema: n. (pl. -ta ) 【醫學】水腫,浮腫。

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  1. Valerian extract a tranquilizing, antispasmodic and analgesic, microcirculation, against myocardial ischemia and acute myocardial infarction narrow scope, anti - pulmonary edema, antidepressants, anti - bacterial and anti - tumor effects

  2. Nor was there any evidence that he was going into acute pulmonary edema.

  3. When pulmonary capillary pressure is markedly elevated, pulmonary edema ensues.

  4. The research on effect of sildenafil on human physiological functions at high altitude and its use in prevention and treatment of high altitude pulmonary hypertension, high altitude pulmonary edema and high altitude hypoxemia, and improving motor ability are reviewed

  5. Inordinately large doses in man may cause death by interference with gaseous exchange due to development of pulmonary edema.