hesitation squeeze中文意思是什麼

hesitation squeeze解釋

  • hesitation: n. 1. 躊躇,猶豫。2. 含糊。3. 口吃。
  • squeeze: vt 1 擠,壓,塞;壓出,擠出 (out; from)。2 壓迫,壓榨,剝削(老百姓);榨取;勒索,敲詐 (from...

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  1. In arequipa, a reporter who wondered into the seminar held his press id in his hand while trying to squeeze through the crowd, and shouted, " i m a reporter

  2. Design for comprehensibility and maintainability rather than trying to squeeze out every last byte

  3. 1. commercial water tower serial products : round tower : 3rt - 1500rt each ; square tower : 80rt - 5000rt each. square towers can be combined as countercurrent or crosscurrent towers according to specific requirement ; blow squeeze stainless steel water tower 100rt - 500rt

    1民用水塔系列產品:園塔: 3rt - 1500rt臺方塔: 80rt - 5000rt臺,方塔可根據需求作任意組合的逆流式或橫流式水塔吹壓式不銹鋼水塔100rt - 500rt
  4. Often divers would squeeze through openings in the gun turrets.

  5. Pressure that this series the machine still have the extensive and in general use, be applicable to the every kind of plastic to process with take shape, if wash to press, squeeze, flection, fold the side, rivet jointing, orthopedics etc. ; stalk the pressing of set spare parts pack ; the plastics and what powder product inhibits ; stalk with other is similar to the correcting of spare parts ; the pressing of zero parts packs, and the pulling of spare parts of small scaled plank form stretch, type, fall material, press to print various uses of etc