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  • high: adj 1 高的〈指物,形容人的身高用 tall〉;高處的;高地的。2 高級的,高等的,高位的,重要的。3 高尚...
  • resolution: n 1 決心,果斷;堅定,剛毅。2 (議會等的)決定,決議(案);【法律】〈罕用語〉判決;(疑問等的)...
  • targeted: 定向的
  • ct: 1 cell therapy 細胞療法。2 Central Time 3 Certificated Teacher 合格教師。4 code telegram(s) 電...
  • scan: vt ( nn )1 細看,細察;審視。2 〈口語〉大略一閱;瀏覽。3 按韻節念,按句調讀,標出(詩)的格律(...

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  1. Study on adulteration of fatty acid in edible vegetable oils by high resolution gc

  2. Inject of mri union gadolinium and ct of high resolution layer conduce to diagnose

  3. We ' ll do a ct scan. - call the ct scanning room

  4. The as - grown crystals were characterization by cutting and directional, x - ray diffraction, high resolution ohmmeter, ir transmission spectroscopy, visible light absorption spectroscopy, scan electronic microscopy ( sem ) and positron annihilate time technique ( pat ). the ir transmittance of czt single crystals grown with cd - riched is about 53 %, while 23 % with no cd riched

    採用解理實驗、 x射線衍射、電學性能測試、紅外透過譜測試、可見光吸收譜測試、 sem蝕坑分析、探測器的試制等分析測試方法,並首次採用正電子湮沒壽命譜分析方法來研究czt單晶體的空位缺陷,綜合表徵了所生長的晶體的質量和性能。
  5. The research results are controlled source which has linear or nonlinear variabe frequency scan function and the seismic instruments which match with it, and the method of small group intervals, small offset, much more channels, short array length, high - frequency receivers are applied during the link of data acquisition, and that the techniques of the refraction static correction, the noise suppressing, the high - resolution velocity analysis, the wavelet length compression, the wavelet zero - phase, and the prestack migration should be applied emphasizedly during the link of data processing and interpretation