high-ceiling diuretics中文意思是什麼

high-ceiling diuretics解釋

  • high: adj 1 高的〈指物,形容人的身高用 tall〉;高處的;高地的。2 高級的,高等的,高位的,重要的。3 高尚...
  • ceiling: n 1 天花板,頂板,頂篷。2 (墊船底的)隔板,艙室墊板。3 (物價、工資等的)最高限度 (opp floor);...
  • diuretics: 和利尿劑

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  1. Clear ceiling height of 2. 8 metres 150 mm high raised floor system to provide flexible access for laying power, signal data and telephone networks

  2. Paper faced gypsum board is mainly made of construction plaster calcined with natural gypsum or chemical by - product and protective paper, mixing with fiber, modified starch, coagulant agent, vesicant and water. which are mixed, formed, coagulated, cut, dryed and sliced into light construction material. they have advantages of light weight, fire resistance, soundproof, damp proof, heat insulation, easy to operate sawn, nailed or milled an disassemble. it s widely applied in industrial and civil constructions, especially widely used as interior wall, less loading wall, ceiling etc in high buildings

  3. The model of this paper explores the links between the following factors and the credit rationing in china. the change of banks " attitude to credit risk may lead to credit rationing ; banks give much more emphasis on the trade cost and the payable value of collateral, which may give rise to credit rationing ; the decreasing of asset price during economic stagnation produces credit rationing ; the bias of banks " objective function from the maximization of profit and the transformation of the function relating to the reform of the financial system cause credit rationing ; if different parts of the whole markets are not integrated, the credit in the part with low capital return ratio will be rationed. during economic recession, banks tend to ration the credit in the high - risk market ; the removing of interest ceiling will narrow down the interest spread of deposit and credit at least during a period, which may strengthen credit rationing ; meanwhile, the vulnerable borrowers, including small and middle - sized enterprises, will get more credit from banks even though they have to pay a higher interest rate

  4. I was carried into an inn, where the guard wanted me to have some dinner ; but, as i had no appetite, he left me in an immense room with a fireplace at each end, a chandelier pendent from the ceiling, and a little red gallery high up against the wall filled with musical instruments

  5. With a high ceiling, it is also suitable for training martial skills in traditional chinese operas