high-frequency voltmeter中文意思是什麼

high-frequency voltmeter解釋

  • high: adj 1 高的〈指物,形容人的身高用 tall〉;高處的;高地的。2 高級的,高等的,高位的,重要的。3 高尚...
  • frequency: n. 1. 屢次,頻仍,頻繁。2. (脈搏等的)次數,出現率;頻度;【物理學】頻率,周率。
  • voltmeter: n. 【電學】電壓表,伏特計。

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  1. The ionosphere is a complex medium, which is aeolotropy, asymmetry, dispersive and changes randomly with time. in order to improve the communication quality of the shortwave that depends on the ionosphere, we should have aknowledge of the current condition of the ionosphere in real time. the backscatter sounding of high frequency can diagnose the real - time channel characters for shortwave communication or hf radar, which is great assistant to shortwave communication and hf radar

  2. The catv charge and control system has excellent compatibility with other signals and no astriction in signal format, so you doesn ` t need to worry about its future. the system involves many technical fields, including controls of computer 、 communication 、 high frequency of electric circuits, and now it serves for more than 1, 000, 000 customers

  3. High - frequency carrier wave characteristics analysis for 10 kv power distribution lines

  4. Analysis of causes for delay phenomenon in determining carbon and sulfur content in ferroalloy with high frequency carbon sulfur determinator

  5. This paper described that the working theory and characteristics by high frequency argon discharge gas chromatograph, application of analysis cum in high purity argon product