highly automated logic中文意思是什麼

highly automated logic解釋

  • highly: adv. 1. 高,高度地。2. 很,非常。3. 稱贊地。4. 高貴地。5. 按高額。highly-strung adj. = high-strung.
  • automated: 自動的
  • logic: n. 1. 邏輯,理論學。2. 推理[方法];邏輯性,條理性。3. 威力,壓力,強制(力)。

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  1. This thesis presents pc - base model motor automated testing system whose control part is consisted of pc and programmable logic device ( plc ) : pc controls the test process, intelligence measure instrument ; the plc executes the commands sent from pc. common three - coil motor, frequency motor, synchronal perpetuation magnetism motor can be tested by this system

    本文介紹的電機測試系統是pc - base類型電機型式自動測試系統,它的邏輯控制部分由上位機( pc機)和可編程邏輯控制器( plc )構成: pc機主要實現對整個試驗過程的控制、智能儀器控制和邏輯運算, plc主要執行pc機命令,實現對系統的繼電控制。
  2. It can be extended to fuzzy logic systems and some lattice - valued logic systems. 3. the study on automated reasoning a new automated reasoning method based on path searching was proposed

    2 、提出一種利用神經邏輯單元動態地構造神經網路的演算法來對一些邏輯系統中的邏輯公式的真值進行計算。
  3. In the 1960 ' s, bell telephone laboratories had occasion to investigate lightning transient damage that occurred at a number of their highly automated telephone central office sites

  4. It having the merit of small program codes, highly automated, being fast of response

  5. The developing direction of " many variety, short cycle " demands to be produced and process the ability with fast reaction. adopting production scheduling control software and computer - controlled supply line, and flexible processing line of produce units can make sewing highly automated, and produce the flow with higher speed. at the same time, through gathering every worker ' s information of the location, we can control the quality of the online product, and improve the result of quality control