highly developed commodity economy中文意思是什麼

highly developed commodity economy解釋

  • highly: adv. 1. 高,高度地。2. 很,非常。3. 稱贊地。4. 高貴地。5. 按高額。highly-strung adj. = high-strung.
  • developed: 不發達的
  • commodity: n. 1. 〈常 pl. 〉日用品;商品;農[礦]產品;有用物品。2. 〈舊用〉便利;利益。
  • economy: n. 1. 經濟。2. 節約。3. (自然界的)法理,秩序,過程;組織;有機體。

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  1. Sonneratia ) that protrudes well above soil level the aerial part is covered with lenticels through which gases can diffuse to and from the highly developed system of intercellular airspaces

  2. In some countries with highly developed commodity economy, such as japan, utilizing rate of maximum mortgage is far exceeding the one of common right to mortgage

  3. This irrigation project requires a highly developed technical and interpretive expertise.

  4. Over the years from 1926 - 1935 and under the influence of the highly developed centralization, the personality cult and the theory of " socialism could be built into within one nation " in the soviet communist party ( or the bolshevik party ), the communist international ( or the comintern ) had become increasingly centralized in organization and inclined towards " left " in politics and had come to be a tool for pursuing soviet union ' s foreign policy

    1926 - 1935年間,共產國際受聯共(布)黨內高度集權、個人崇拜及「一國建成社會主義」理論的影響,組織上日益集權、政治路線日益「左」傾同時,逐步淪為推行蘇聯外交政策的工具。
  5. Commercial resourcesthe highly developed commerce and market are another resources of huzhou, which have initially established its consumer commodity ' s market, production materials market and production factors market that are linked each other and forms a great circulation pattern for all goods