hilbert modular function中文意思是什麼

hilbert modular function解釋

  • hilbert: 希耳伯特
  • modular: adj. 1. 【數學】模的,模數的,系數的。2. 組件的,製成標準尺寸的。
  • function: n 1 功能,官能,機能,作用。2 〈常 pl 〉職務,職責。3 慶祝儀式;(盛大的)集會,宴會。4 【數學】...

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  1. Considered from architecture and function, it consists of three modular : data collection, computing server, and graphical user interface. due to the open structure of the system, it offers a good maintainability and expandability

  2. This approach provides a function to modify ui for the final user with a customizing modular inserted between the application system and interface display layer, by which the data of ui design is separated from application logical modular. when the system is started every time, it could display the interface according to the information from the customizing modular without being compiled and linked again

    本論文提出一個基於可擴展標識語言( extensiblemarkuplanguage , xml )的可定製用戶界面管理機制,利用xml描述用戶界面並進行持久存儲,在應用系統和界面顯示層之間加入界面定製模塊,使系統每次啟動時都按定製模塊提供的信息來顯示界面無需重新編譯和連接,很好地實現用戶界面與應用語義的分離,為最終用戶提供了靈活的界面維護修改功能。
  3. After confirming system goal, according to overall design rule, system overall design is to carry out system overall logic structural design and software and hardware design of system ; system function design includes data to get and edit modular, data inquiry and statistics modular, overall estimetion modular, function district estimetion modular and typical cadastral parcel estimetion modular, land optimization deployment modular as well as urban land grade and evaluation modular ; database detailed design includes the design of space database and property database as well as design for the connection of space data and property data ; system application model analysis mainly explains models for intensivism degree, unit comprehensive value, land area potential, land benifit potential as well as typical cadastral parcel estimetion

  4. Besides the existence, this essay also draws the conclusion that the optimal income tax function is lowers semicontinuous on a closed subset of the hilbert space

  5. Because reciprocating pump has complicated structure and more exciters, so its signal is a strong non - stationary signal, and carrying out fault feature extraction and diagnosis is very difficult to it, this text mainly researches on featute extraction of reciprocating pump ’ s valve vibration signal. this text introduces hht that huang put forward, it is a kind of signal processing method that suits for dealing with the stationary signal, and suits for non - stationary signal also. although the hilbert - huang transform ( hht ) is an effective tool processing the non - stationary signal, the hht based on emperical mode decomposition ( abbreviated as emd ) algorithm which adopts the cubic spline interpolation could n ' t acquire accurate characteristics for the strong non - stationary signals in that the spline produces an accurate result only under the condition that the data consists of values of a smooth function

    本文引入了huang等人提出的hht , hht是一種既適合於處理平穩信號也是一種適合於處理非平穩信號的信號處理方法。盡管希爾伯特-黃變換( hht )是處理非平穩信號的有效工具,但基於經驗模態分解(簡稱emd )的hht由於採用三次樣條插值而不能準確提取強非平穩信號的特徵,因為三次樣條插值只有在數據由光滑函數值構成的情況下才能產生精確的結果。為了解決這個問題,本文提出了基於改進的emd演算法,即採用分段三次hermite插值多項式( pchip )作為極值包絡的方法。