hing shing metal factory中文意思是什麼

hing shing metal factory解釋

  • hing: 亨
  • shing: 興格
  • metal: n 1 金屬;金屬製品;金屬合金。2 【化學】金屬元素;(opp alloy);金屬性。3 【徽章】金色;銀色。4 ...
  • factory: n. 1. 工廠,製造廠。2. 〈古語〉代理店。

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  1. Affiliated to our company, there are 2 branch companies craft factory and 1 computer server co - location center. rare refractory metal manufacturing company : company unit production equipments including the four high mills introduced from russia, home - made duo mill and narrowband mill, 400kg pneumatic hammer, punch, grinder and lathe, etc. ; a foot set of complete flow has been formed from the processing of product cog to finished product

  2. Submission on kwai chung ambulance depot with fire services department offices and refuse collection point at hing shing road, kwai chung

  3. Police today ( july 25 ) appeal for information on a hit - and - run traffic accident in kwai chung on july 20 in which a 16 - year - old teenage boy was seriously injured. at about 11. 34 pm, a teenage boy was reportedly knocked down by a light goods vehicle at the junction of hing shing road and kwai shing circuit

  4. Oh chin hing sesame oil factory

  5. Jiahui plastic - metal factory is specialized in the production of a variety of shower and stroller brake handle, the plant ' s owner abrasive production, injection molding machinery and other ancillary equipment