hippeastrum latent potexvirus中文意思是什麼

hippeastrum latent potexvirus解釋

  • hippeastrum: 孤挺花屬
  • latent: adj. 存在但看不見的;潛伏的;潛在的。n. 隱約的指印,潛指印。adv. -ly
  • potexvirus: 馬鈴薯x簿組

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  1. In a word, convective instability strong baxoclinicity barotropic advection of potential vorticity and latent heat release are factors which activize this explosive development of cyclone

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  3. They can enhance mild infections and may reactivate latent viruses.

  4. Study on numerical simulation of faultage of seepage in underground project with latent complex - material element method

  5. The ecosystem service functions of gansu is analyzed from six facts, such as grassplot ecosystem, forest ecosystem, watershed ecosystem, farmland ecosystem, desertification ecosystem and city ecosystem. this thesis simulates a latent ecosystem using vegetation type map to explain preferably how landscape pattern impacts the service function of ecosystem. the unit price of every service function is known by annual average value schedule of global ecosystem service function

    為了更好地說明景觀格局變化對生態系統服務功能的影響,通過植被類型圖模擬了潛在生態系統,根據全球生態系統服務功能的年平均價值一覽表查得各服務功能單價值,將其服務功能價值進行計算並與現實生態系統服務功能價值進行比較得出:由於現實生態系統人為的干擾作用,使得生態系統服務功能價值降低了1022 . 85 10 ~ 6美元。