hollow screw中文意思是什麼

hollow screw解釋

  • hollow: vt 使成凹形,使成空洞,挖空 (out)。 river banks hollowed out by rushing water 被流水掏空的河岸...
  • screw: n 1 螺旋;螺釘。2 螺旋槳;暗輪。3 暗輪輪船。4 螺旋狀物。5 拔塞器;螺絲鉆子。6 螺旋的一擰;螺旋的...

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  1. An anatomic study of lag screw placement in anterior column of acetabulum and design of targeting device

  2. Treatment of transverse fracture of patella with percutaneous hollow screw combined with tension band with arthroscope aid

  3. Compression couplings with olives ; hollow screw fittings and ring connection fittings for use with union nuts

  4. Internal fixation with hollow compression screw for the treatment of femoral neck fracture

  5. The release of u - pvc environmentally friendly draining pipe gave rise to a profound technical innovation about pipe machines ; the successful development of zxsg new generation twin screw extruders pushed the development of the domestic plastic pipe manufacturing industry towards the direction of high efficiency and low cost ; the release of zxpc, zxxc, etc. fully - automatic hollow air blowers made an end of that the imported plastic machines had ever aggressively penetrated in the chinese markets for a time as well as strengthened our confidence in keeping pace with old - line countries such as german in plastic machinery industry and even in sharing oversea markets with the competitive edges of extra low energy consumption and higher performance - to - price ratio ; and zxyxc series extruders for special shapes due to high performances completely ruled the market of its kind

    九十年代,市場經濟在中國逐步形成,廣東塑膠企業如雨後春筍遍地冒起,公司亦籍此雄風進入飛躍發展時期:國內塑膠業u - pvc環保排水管的面世,引發了本公司對管材機型技術內涵的深層改造,新一代單雙管同擠管材擠出機型研發成功,推動國內塑膠管製造業向高效率低成本的經營邁進zxyxc系列異型材擠出機型的入市,盡領市場風騷。目前,新一代中低檔價位的振興塑膠管擠出生產線問世,已經通過調試並進行批量生產,專用展示廳展示,該產品不僅延續振興公司高技術含金量的一貫傳統,而且價格相當低廉,是國內塑膠管行業中佔主要數目的中小型塑料加工廠的首選機型。