hong kong baptish church中文意思是什麼

hong kong baptish church解釋

  • hong: n. 〈漢語〉(中國、日本的)行,商行。
  • church: n 丘奇〈姓氏〉。n 1 教堂,禮拜堂;〈C 〉 教會;教派。2 教徒團體;〈集合詞〉基督教徒。3 〈the chur...

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  1. The anglican church, hong kong and macao diocese

  2. Evangelical lutheran church hong kong - kwai shing hostel

  3. She is currently one of the leading organists, pianists and choir conductors of the truth lutheran church in hong kong

  4. Ccc ming kei college, founded in 1967, is an aided anglo - chinese grammar school operated by the hong kong council of the church of christ in china ( hkcccc )

  5. Serving as a clerical officer in the department of politics and sociology to provide administrative, secretarial and all sorts of support to the programme, ms grace pui - lan wong is active in various on - campus activities as well as her church and community services. she also takes up a role in the hong kong professional teachers union, being an instrumental bridge between her office and the union