hong kong bearer instrument中文意思是什麼

hong kong bearer instrument解釋

  • hong: n. 〈漢語〉(中國、日本的)行,商行。
  • bearer: n 1 (票據、支票等的)持票人;送信人;搬運工人;抬棺人;轎夫;擔架;運載工具。2 【機械工程】托架...
  • instrument: n 1 儀表,儀器 〈cf tool implement〉。2 樂器 (=musical instrument)。3 【法律】證件,證券,文件...

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  1. Interest on, and any profit made in respect of a bond issued under the loans ordinance cap. 61 or the loans government bonds ordinance cap. 64, or in respect of an exchange fund debt instrument or in respect of a hong kong dollar - denominated multilateral agency debt instrument

    根據《借款條例》 (第61章)或《借款(政府債券)條例》 (第64章)發行的債券所派發的利息及所獲得的利潤;或從外匯基金債務票據或多邊代理機構港幣債務票據所獲得的利息或利潤;
  2. Operational efficiency of helicopter services between hong kong and macau has been enhanced since the implementation of instrument flight rules ( ifr ) routes and procedures from the beginning of may 2000, a spokesman for the civil aviation department said today ( may 30 )

  3. Instrument of transfer of hong kong stock not including gift

  4. In any case, any retail payment instrument, to the extent that it displaces to a significant degree the bank notes as a medium for transaction, erodes the seignorage, or the profits that we earn for the people of hong kong on the reserves backing the issue of bank notes

  5. Mr. law hiu - fung, the flag bearer, and mrs. vivien fung, the chef de mission, led the hong kong delegation to march in during the 4th east asian games