hot load中文意思是什麼

hot load解釋

  • hot: adj 1 熱的 (opp cold)。2 (味道)刺激性的,辣的,辛辣的;【打獵】野獸的氣味強烈的;(色彩)強烈...
  • load: n 1 裝載,擔子;負擔;工作(負荷)量。2 (車船等的)裝載量;一馱,一車,一飛機。3 【電、機】(機...

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  1. The parallel robot has become a hot spot for a long time because of its simple structure, high stiffness, high precision, and low movement inertia. it especially adapted to the task, which required high precision, heavy load and limited space

  2. The requirement of the primary hot structure provides both thermal protection and loading for the future spacevehicle can be achieved by integrated design of thermal protection and load bearing

  3. To obtain the ultra fine atc ceramic with fine, uniform grain and high mechanical properties and solve the problem of brittle of ceramic, the technique of electroless cobalt plating under low temperature and ultrasonic was used to get a cobalt deposition on nano / micro al2o3, tic ceramic. the nano / micro al2o3 - tic - co composite powder with different cobalt content was prepared by changing the load. the composite powder was then hot - pressed into a ultra fine composite ceramic

    為了得到品粒細小、均勻,力學性能優異的co - al _ 2o _ 3 - tic ( atc )復合陶瓷,解決陶瓷的脆性問題,本文在化學鍍鈷制備高性能atc復合陶瓷的基礎上,採用超聲波化學鍍方法,以提高鈷在陶瓷粉末以及al _ 2o _ 3與tic陶瓷顆粒之間的分佈均勻性,以期進一步提高atc陶瓷的力學性能。
  4. The key requirements of adaptive load balancing services for web application servers are addressed, and the key design challenges including hot plug - in, customizable load balancing strategy, adaptive control, state migration and fault tolerance etc. are described

  5. It didn t matter if there was one user or hundreds of users logged in - no matter the load, the cpu was running hot

    如果只有一個用戶或一百個用戶登錄,這不是一個問題不管負載如何, cpu都會運行過度。