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  • hours: 辦公時間
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • work: n 1 工作,操作,勞動,作業;工件;功課;努力;行為,作用。2 (待辦的)事務,業務;職業。3 〈前有...

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  1. Nothing in this standard shall be deemed to impair the right of the master of a ship to require a seafarer to perform any hours of work necessary for the immediate safety of the ship, persons on board or cargo, or for the purpose of giving assistance to other ships or persons in distress at sea

  2. The factory timekeeper keeps account of the hours of work done

  3. As a prerequisite for work trial, the attending medical doctor has to certify that the injured employees are fit for work trial and specify the detailed arrangements, such as nature of work, hours of work and duration of work trial, etc. insurers, rehabilitation professionals and the employers concerned are responsible for working out the necessary arrangements

  4. Required to work shift including saturdays, sundays and public holidays ; ( b ) required to work irregular hours and overnight shift under inclement weather conditions ; ( c ) places and hours of work as well as the duty roster are to be determined by the management

    必須于星期六、星期日及公眾假期輪班工作; ( b )須不定時工作,包括通宵輪值以及在惡劣天氣下工作; ( c )工作地點、時間及輪值表的安排由管理層全權決定。
  5. The median hours of work per week for all employed persons was 48 hours in the fourth quarter of 2002