house of the kidney中文意思是什麼

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  • house: n 豪斯〈姓氏〉。n (pl houses )1 房屋,住宅;住家;一家,一戶。2 家,家庭;家務。3 家族;王朝。4...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • the: 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • kidney: n. 1. 【解剖學】腎。2. (動物的)腰子〈供食用〉。3. 脾氣,性格。

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  1. Nevertheless, his behavior was very humble. he was churchwarden at the madeleine church and had simply accepted the post of deputy mayor at the town house of the ninth arrondissement in order, as he said, to have something to do in his leisure time

  2. A large staghorn calculus is seen obstructing the renal peli - calyceal system. the lower pole of the kidney shows areas of hemorrhage and necrosis with collapse of cortical areas

  3. In the old - fashioned and decorous house of the rostovs the collapse of all the usual conditions of life was very slightly perceptible

  4. The meat offering and the drink offering is cut off from the house of the lord ; the priests, the lord ' s ministers, mourn

  5. The call of lush meadow - grass, wet orchards, warm, insect - haunted ponds, of browsing cattle, of haymaking, and all the farm - buildings clustering round the house of the perfect eaves

    那豐茂的草地,濕潤的果園,滿是蟲子的暖水池塘,吃草的牛羊,翻曬的乾草,理想的屋檐,房子周圍的各種農場設施,不是也在召喚我們嗎? 」