household oil中文意思是什麼

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  • household: n 1 〈集合詞〉全家人;(包含人在內的)家眷,家屬,家裡人;家庭,戶。2 家務。3 〈the H 〉〈英國〉...
  • oil: n 1 油;油類;油狀物〈一般是不可數名詞,表示種類時則用 pl 如:vegetable and animal oils 植物油和...

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  1. Our main products are as follows : fireworks & firecracker ; gum rosin, gum turpentine, cassia bark, cassia oil, essential oil, synthetic camphor powder, logs, sawn timber, veneer board, wooden products, furniture ; articles plaited with bamboo and rattan, straw, willow ; bamboo poles for farming and gardening ; jute, bags plaited with plastics ; feed stuffs, peas and beans, mushrooms, manioc ; hardware, household utensils, kitchenware, candles, mosquito coils, festival ornaments, paper products ; flowers and plants, miniature landscape, pet birds, artificial flowers, artificial animals and plants ; watches and clocks, christmas decorations ; household electric appliance, products for daily - use, computer fittings ; shoes, light industrial products, arts and crafts, gifts, textiles, various kinds of traditional commodities and series of new products, etc

  2. Our wholesale department is professional in selling all kinds of import and domestic gas appliance, air - conditioners, refrigerator, raffinate oil & smoke machine, disinfect cupboard, water heater, electric fan, electric rice cooker, drinking water machine, telephone, extrator fan etc a variety of household electric appliance and fittings

  3. Food rice, vegetables, bread, gravy powder, cooking oil, lentils, milk, milk powder, nutritional items household items bed spreads, plastic pails, sleeping mats personal hygiene materials bath soap, toothpaste powder, washing soap

  4. Bosch thermotechnology is a division under the branch consumer goods and building technology of robert bosch group, one of the most internationalized divisions, with a wide product range : including gas wall - hung boiler, gas water heater, gas oil floor - standing boiler, electric water heater, household aeration system, solar energy collector and full set of accessories etc.

  5. Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use - part 2 - 19 : particular requirements for electrically operated oil valves, including mechanical requirements

    家用和類似用途的自動電氣控制裝置.第2 - 19部分:電動油閥的特殊要求