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  • hubble: n. 哈勃〈姓氏〉。
  • space: n 1 空間;太空。2 空隙,空地;場地;(火車輪船飛機中的)座位;餘地;篇幅。3 空白;間隔;距離。4 ...
  • telescope: n 1 望遠鏡。2 【天文學】遠鏡座。vi 嵌進,套疊;(列車等)相碰撞而嵌在一起。 The two cars collided...
  • images: 物象

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  1. Image of the jet streaming from the galactic center of the galaxy m87 taken with the hubble space telescope

  2. This hubble space telescope view of the central region of the carina nebula reveals a violent maelstrom of star birth

  3. Since its launch in 1990 the hubble space telescope has captured beautiful images of the universe, such as the birth of stars in stellar nurseries, while conducting rigorous science, such as the recent detection of planets orbiting stars near the centre of the milky way

  4. Baltimore - astronomers reacted with jubilation wednesday at new pictures of mars taken by the hubble space telescope, saying the planet ' s close pass to earth enabled the hubble to capture " quite spectacular " images

  5. Hubble space telescope observations of these objects are some of the most mesmerizing space images ever obtained