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  • hump: n 1 (駝)峰,(駝子的)駝背,(某些動物背部的)隆肉。2 小圓丘;〈英俚〉山脈;海岸凸出部。3 【鐵...
  • backed: adj. 1. 有後援的,有支持的。2. 有后襯的;以…作背面的〈常用作帶連字元的復合詞詞尾,意為有某種後援或后襯的: well-backed 后臺硬的。 canvas-backed 帆布背襯的〉。
  • dolphins: 海豚科

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  1. " we shall have to hump our bluey again " said tom. early november saw us again on the track

    湯姆說: 「咱們又得流浪了。 」到了11月初,我們又開始流浪了。
  2. This paper discussed medical care measures about six new bottlenose dolphins ( tursiops truncates ) in quarantine, which transported from japan in march 20th, 2003

  3. A spokesman for the agriculture, fisheries and agriculture department said the first consignment arriving in hong kong today comprised white - backed munia and budgerigar

  4. Photo of the famous chinese white dolphins in hong kong waters

  5. The hump-backed man stared, as if in excess of amazement and indignation.