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  • hybrid: n 1 【生物學】雜種,雜交種;混血兒。2 (由兩種來源的東西組成的)混合物;受過兩種不同文化傳統教育...
  • synergy: n. 協同,配合(=synergism)。adj. -gic
  • drive: vt (drove 〈古語〉 drave; driven; driving)1 驅逐,趕,攆 (along; away; back; down; in; off; ou...

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  1. The main content of the paper is a part of the department of education ' s issue " computer simulation and software design of the drive system of hybrid electric vehicle ". making use of bond graph method to simulate the motor of hybrid electric vehicle is discussed emphatically in this paper

  2. A novel multi _ mode hev s systematic model is then presented basing on the research of toyota " s prius hev, which focuses on its drive system " s structure and control strategy. the hybrid configuration proposed in the paper features a planetary gear train for an electric cvt mode in addition to lay - shaft gears for multiple speed ratios and realizes six operation modes in a simple structure

  3. Based on the further study of dynamic characteristic of the tractor - implement combination, according to the integrated control model, which including the flowing three parameters : the engine load rate, drive wheel slip and work resistance, and the three control strategies, which are : highest production efficiency control strategy, oil consume economic control strategy and give attention to the above control strategy, we can adopt different control strategies according to different purpose of the task. applying the theory of the hybrid dynamic system to this case, the three control strategies can be abstracted to three discrete matters, and then the exchange model of the discrete matters of the top layer ( which called manage layer ) of the tractor - implement combination and the function decision model, which based on the nerve network, can be established. through this way, the best ad aptive controlling of the tractor came true

    本文研究了拖拉機機組的綜合控制問題及其最佳匹配方法,在深入研究機組動態特性的基礎上,根據發動機負荷率、驅動輪滑轉率和作業阻力三參數的綜合綜合控制模型以及三種綜合控制策略(最高生產效率的控制策略、燃油經濟性的控制策略和兼顧最高生產效率及燃油經濟性的控制策略) ,針對不同的作業目的,採用不同的控制策略,應用混雜動態系統理論,把三種控制策略抽象為三種離散事件,建立了拖拉機機組上層(管理層)離散事件切換模型,並建立了基於神經網路的功能決策層模型,從而實現了拖拉機機組的整機最優控制。
  4. Then gives an overview on hybrid drive train power management strategies

  5. Based on them, to the regenerative braking system made up of the traditional frictional braking system and electrical regenerative braking system, the braking stability during the hybrid mechanical and electrical regenerative braking under different drive manners for ev and hev has been analyzed by modeling and simulation