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  1. These include a pervasive feeling of sadness, disruption of sleep patterns including both insomnia and hypersomnia, disturbances in appetite and weight, listlessness, lack of interest ( leading to withdrawal from friends and social events ), diminished ability in memory and concentration, low self - esteem and feelings of guilt, and finally, thoughts of suicide - the most serious symptom of all

    癥狀包括長時間的情緒低落、睡眠不規律(包括失眠及睡眠過度) 、食欲不振及體重減輕、無精打采、缺乏興趣(導致疏遠朋友、迴避社會活動) 、記憶力衰退、無法集中注意力、缺乏自信和負罪感,最終則會出現自殺的念頭這是憂郁癥最嚴重的癥狀。