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  • hypochondrium: n. (pl. -dria )1. 【醫學】憂郁癥,癔想癥,疑病癥。2. 【解剖學】季肋部。
  • pain: n 1 痛,疼痛;(精神上的)痛苦,憂慮,煩悶,悲痛(opp pleasure)。2 〈古語〉罰,刑罰。3 〈pl 〉費...

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  4. Not only the neurons but also the as in the rat brain play a very important role in the process of the peripheral nociceptive stimulation ; ? he newly - found eda may be the functional intercommunication ultrastructure between neurons and as, through which the as could modulate the neurons in the pain signal processing ; @ as might play an active and important role for modulation of pain through a new pathway from the peripheral afferent nerve to the as, then to neurons via electron - dense areas forming the glia - neuron s ignaling network

  5. Methods : using high - frequency ultrasound mammary glands of 63 married parous women ( age range 22 - 67 years ) who had the history of menstrual distending pain of the breast and who were noticed to have breast nodes were examined and pathologically classified according the who standard

    方法:用高頻探頭對年齡在22 ~ 67歲,有婚孕史,伴有或不伴有月經期乳腺脹痛,有乳腺結節的63例患者的乳腺進行檢查,按世界衛生組織( who )乳腺結構不良病理分型,分析乳腺異常聲像圖。