adj. 形容詞 1. 【哲學】本質的,實在的,實體的。
2. 沉下的。
3. 下位的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ically


    1. The song and this far - flung and sorrowful land were a hypostatic union ; the song belongs to this land, this loess plateau ' s yellow land

    2. Analysis of wuhan dress hypostatic sameness phenomenon

    3. As the product of modern economy, fictitious economy has exceeded the hypostatic economy in size now

    4. Immediately after, it summarizes the comprehension of the thought concept and the hypostatic cognition in intuitional thought. then on the foundation, it puts forward the concept of the intuitional thought in mathematics, joining together to the description to the intuitional thought of the domestic and international scholars, and according to the genetic epistemological principle and the view of the doctrine mental state school of thought

    5. I claim in the website that has hypostatic store saw good clothing, contact load to take then, gross 375 yuan, the following day i collected money to go ( collect ) with cash directly, i made a telephone call immediately, customer service said to odd was not collected when i collect money in the evening that day, and their company portfolio is too large, check very hard without what collect odd, my zhang brings into the likelihood inside company boss account, i call him to call a boss to check, he says the boss wants ability of next month base to handle, i consider the power that their manager did not audit accounts in fact this kind of case also can appear, check my zhang very hard, the problem is he says to want me to collect many similar fund to add an odd again, the system can show the money that i collect, if want me to collect 375. 25 yuan again, collected them to return my money reappearance money so, i ask him this is what principle, he says is " of business of mobile phone of " odd inquiry, after all does industrial and commercial bank have such business

      我在一間自稱有實體店的網站看了不錯的衣服,於是聯繫上客服,總共375元,第二天我匯了錢過去(直接用現金匯) ,我馬上打了一個電話過去,那天晚上客服說我匯錢時沒有匯到零頭,而他們的公司業務量過大,沒有匯零頭的很難查到,可能我的賬納入到公司老闆賬戶裏面,我叫他叫老闆查,他說老闆要到下一個月底才能處理,他們經理沒有查賬的權力我想事實上這種情況也會出現,很難查到我的賬,問題是他說要我匯多一筆同樣的錢再加個零頭,系統就會顯示出我匯的錢,如要我再匯375 . 25元,這樣匯了他們就返回我的錢再發貨,我問他這是什麼原理,他說是"零頭查詢手機業務" ,究竟工商銀行有沒有這樣的業務