IAAF = International Amateur Athletic Federation 國際業余田徑聯合會。


    1. The opening ceremony of the 11th iaaf asia athletic summer cantonment was held on august 10th in zhuhai and here young athletes from 10 countries or districts will spend 10 days for both training and events

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    3. Bronze medal of men s 60m hurdles at 2003 iaaf world indoor champs, the first medal for china in 18 years

    4. The crown f1 take - off system meets the high standards and rule of the iaaf and caa. the crown take - off system consists of the foundation tray, take - off board, blanking lid and the plasticine insert. take - off board

      皇冠牌f1起跳板系列符合高標準和iaaf caa規則,皇冠牌起跳板是由底盒起跳板橡皮泥板和底盒填充板組成。
    5. He is followed by asafa powell of jamaica with 22. 65 percent. which was revealed on october 11 by the iaaf, also includes the likes of long distance runner kenenisa bekele of ethiopia and american sprinter tyson gay

      目前拉脫維亞鉛球奧運冠軍阿萊克納以38 . 21 %的得票率位居榜首,短跑名將鮑威爾以22 . 65 %居第二。