IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency (聯合國)國際原子能總署。


    1. Iaea : iran to allow inspections of heavy water reactor

    2. International atomic energy agency, iaea

    3. In the case of iran, the iaea continues to find misbehavior on their part

    4. The ines is designed by an international group of experts convened jointly by the international atomic energy agency ( iaea ) and the nuclear energy agency ( nea ) of the organisation for economic co - operation and development ( oecd )

      國際核事故分級表由國際原子能機構( iaea )和經濟合作發展組織( oecd )的核能機構( nea )聯合召集的一批國際專家設計。
    5. The second is korea, where the entire international community now confronts a north korean regime that has violated its own commitments to the nonproliferation treaty, the agreed framework, its iaea safeguards agreement, and the joint south - north denuclearization declaration

      整個國際社會現在面對著這樣一個北韓政權:它違反自己對《不擴散條約》 、 《核框架協議》 、國際原子能機構( iaea )保障措施協議以及南北雙方《無核化聯合聲明》的承諾。