IAR = 〈美國〉 Institute for Atomic Research.


    1. But they look fami i iar somehow.

      不過好像有點面熟啊. .
    2. But they look fami i iar somehow

      不過好像有點面熟啊. .
    3. The iar is primarily used by debuggers to show the next instruction to be executed

    4. And they rose in their seats, those twelve of iar, and they swore by the name of him who is from everlasting that they would do his rightwiseness

    5. The concept of interestingness is redefined within the scope of probability, which is the base of the introduction of the negative items. with the bound of the negative items, an algorithm iar, which can generate the rules with negative items, is proposed. these works complete the semantics of the rules, as well as make the rules more meaningful, especially in the case of concept hierarchy consideration