1. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 〈美國〉航空科學學院。
2. indicated airspeed 【航空】指示空速。


    1. Ias idle air stepper

    2. Chapter three. credit risk management and ias in state - owned commercial bank. credit risk is the possibility that borrower ca n ' t give back the loan to bank abiding by contracts

    3. The purpose and essentiality of studying the problem, and abroad and home research trends on independent audit in commercial bank are introduced. chapter two. capital risk management and ias in state - owned commercial bank

    4. Secondly, the communication information between ias and psmis is discussed. and the different purposes of these information are discussed

    5. During the research of the ias system, some practical problems involved in modeling and practical techniques, are successfully solved in this paper, which can be concluded as follows : ( 1 ) through the technology of multi - thread, odbc api and wininet, the system of information active service is modeled, which includes internet robot, in website search and new data search

      論文以液氣密行業為應用實例,對信息主動服務系統的設計實現和關鍵技術作了詳盡的探討: 1 、使用了vc的多線程技術, odbcapi連接技術和wininet連接技術等實現了「網路機器人」 、 「站內搜索」和「更新搜索」等信息主動獲取模塊。