n. 名詞 (pl. ibis(es) ) 【動物;動物學】?,朱鷺;?科的涉禽。
the sacred ibis(古埃及的)靈鳥。


    1. By the end of 1995 china had set up 175 zoological gardens and zoological exhibition sites in public parks, 227 artificial breeding centers for wild animals, more than 60 large botanical gardens and 255 wild plant gene and cell banks to ensure the continuation of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, including the giant panda, chinese alligator, chinese sturgeon, white - flag dolphin, manchurian tiger, crested ibis, cathay silver fir, dovetree, cycas revoluta and camellia chrysantha tuyama

      到1995年底,中國共建動物園和公園動物展區175個、各種野生動物繁殖中心(場) 227個,建立大型植物園60多個、野生植物引種保存基地255個,使大熊貓、揚子鱷、中華鱘、白暨豚、東北虎、朱? 、銀杉、珙桐、蘇鐵、金花茶等珍稀瀕危動植物得到保護。
    2. " it ' s a scarlet ibis, " daddy said

      「它是一隻朱鷺, 」爸爸說。
    3. Icm ibis interconnect modeling specification

    4. Other types named after the kingfisher, ibis, and other animals

    5. Accor is committed to invest and open 100 ibis hotels by the year of 2010

      雅高已經確定, 2010年前在中國投資100家宜必思酒店。