1. intercontinental ballistic missile 洲際彈道飛彈。
2. International Business Machines Corporation 〈美國〉國際商用機器公司。


    1. The company focuses mainly on notebook computer, pda and accessary products. the latest products from brand names sony, sharp, toshiba, ibm, palm and handspring. etc are carried

      Mobilexpert . com備有各名牌如sony sharp toshiba ibm palm handspring等最新型號的手提掌上電腦及配件可供選購。
    2. The main contributions of this dissertation are summarized as follows : firstly, the security of the mobile agent platform aglet of ibm is improved

      本文的研究成果主要有: ( 1 )改進了ibm的aglet移動agent平臺的安全性。
    3. In the end of dissertation, we implement a simple but integrated system to detect watermark base on aglet ( ibm ' s mobile agent platform )

    4. Staff software engineer, ibm bangalore laboratories

    5. While the platform - independent xml has the flexibility of localization, the ibm java resource buddle gives a far better performance as it is compiled and run as binary code

      盡管獨立於平臺的xml可以靈活地進行本地化, ibm java resource buddle還是提供了更好的性能,用二進制碼編譯和運行xml 。