ICARUS = intercontinental aerospacecraft range unlimited system 航程無限的洲際宇宙火箭。
n. 名詞 【希臘神話】(蠟翼人)伊卡洛斯〈建築師 Daedalus 之子,以蠟翼飛上天空,但因飛得過高,蠟翼為太陽融化,墮海而死〉。


    1. Ms oyeyemi struck a two - book deal with bloomsbury after the publisher was bowled over by her novel the icarus girl

    2. The icarus cup hosts the international free flight film festival, the masquerade contest and a trade fair in saint hilaire du touvet, france

    3. The team also identified two other redwoods in the same forest taller than the reigning record holder : a tree called helios at 376. 3 feet and another called icarus at 371. 2 feet

      科學家們在加利福尼亞北部的海濱叢林中發現了世界最高的生物-高達378 . 1英尺的紅杉。
    4. With your permission, i ' d like to take the icarus and search for him

    5. And in the end, the wings of fortune proved, for him, like those of icarus, to be made of nothing more substantial than wax and feathers

      到最後,對他來說就像伊卡洛斯(源自希臘神話) ,財富的翅膀被證實的確是用蠟和羽毛製成。