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  • ice: n 1 冰,冰塊。2 〈英國〉冰淇淋,冰淇淋 (= ice cream); 〈美國〉冰涼飲料[點心]。3 冰狀物,糖衣。...
  • age: n 1 年齡。2 成年〈滿廿一歲〉。3 老年,晚年。4 壽命;終生,一生。5 時代,時期,年代。6 〈口語〉很...

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  1. Ice age refers to the latest glacial epoch

  2. Whether the decreased solar activity was somehow responsible for the little ice age is still unknown.

  3. Ice age when someone summed up the reason as the earth history to once had and interglacial stage

  4. The magnetic north and south poles have shifted before in the course of the planet ' s history - one result being the last ice age

  5. Prof stephen schneider, a climatologist from stanford university, who first made his name in the 1970s by predicting a new ice age, was referring to the latest predictions by the nasa space agency that the world faces an extra 0. 6 degrees celsius of warming as a result of fossil fuel emissions already in the atmosphere

    曾在1970年預言「新冰河世紀」而聲名遠揚的施奈德教授指出,在過去的半個世紀里,地球表面氣溫上升了0 . 7攝氏度,這主要是由排放到大氣層中的二氧化碳等溫室氣體所導致。