ice-covered stream中文意思是什麼

ice-covered stream解釋

  • ice: n 1 冰,冰塊。2 〈英國〉冰淇淋,冰淇淋 (= ice cream); 〈美國〉冰涼飲料[點心]。3 冰狀物,糖衣。...
  • covered: adj 隱蔽著的,掩藏著的;有屋頂的;有蓋的;戴著帽子的;〈復合詞〉蓋滿…的〈如:moss covered〉。 a c...
  • stream: n 1 河流,小河;川,溪。2 流出,流注;一連串,(人物等的)輩出。3 (事件等的)連續;(財富等的)...

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  1. All of interior greenland is covered by ice, leaving only a narrow fringe of land along the coast.

  2. Based on these and other considerations, some scientists have proposed that methanogens living on geologically derived hydrogen might form the base of underground microbial ecosystems on mars and on jupiter ' s ice - covered moon, europa

  3. Like the better - studied late proterozoic glaciations, the huronian event appears to have been global, based on interpretations that some of the continents were near the equator at the time ice covered them

  4. It ' s dangerous to walk on this ice - covered road

  5. You ' ll never be too careful as you drive on a ice - covered road