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  • idea: n. 1. 主意;念頭;思想;計劃,打算;意見。2. 想像,模糊想法。3. 【哲學】理念,理性概念,觀念;【心理學】表像。4. 【音樂】主題,樂句,音型。
  • center: n vt vi 〈美國〉=centre n 1 中心;中心點;圓心;中央;中樞,核心;中心人物;根源,起源。2 〈常C ...

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  1. The practice of new book center gives us some idea and thought, that is we should optimize service and create better service to adapt to the development of information era

  2. Upholding to the principle of human - oriented and quality first, following the idea of unity, practice and innovation, adhering to the strategy of market as guidance, sale as center, products promotion and management marketing, guoguang is striving for national famous brand and pursuing for creating miracles in medical treatment and bring benefit to mankind

  3. This paper fully analyzed and discussed the progressive process of hydropower plant operation mode, the development process and trend of cscs ; simply introduced the regulations and demands of no operator on duty in hydropower plant ; analyzed all kinds of demand of cscs to implement no operator on duty ; in allusion to the running actualities of the operation management mode, analyzed the difficulties to implement no operator on duty in gehp ; put forward the reforming items for devices and equipment maintenance and demands of reforming of cscs to implement no operator on duty in gehp ; advanced a new concept and idea : " computer operator " and " computer operator director " ; and set up a new operation management mode - no operator on duty in gehp that is appropriate to three gorges cascade dispatch center ( tgcdc )

  4. In this article, we use idea of turning dispersion into convergence and put all the well ' s points into the same unit net to think about it. and answer three questions of the distribution of well drilling by the way of searching for groups of points. fincite - step - searching underthe condition of translationg fcoordinate system or revolving coordinate system. to first question. we find two algo - rithms and make use of data that is given to find the solution. we seek coorlinate of net point is co. 361, 0. 461 ) and mostly four old well ' s points are utilized at the same time by first algorithim, which are no. 2, no, 4, no. 5, no. 10. by second algorithm, we rechon the coordinate of net point is co. 390, 0. 505 ). and that mostly four old well ' s points are utilizld which are no. 2, no. 4, no. 10. to second question, we turn it into the first question by angling awt the center of net point. we seek that mostly six old well ' s points are utilized at the same time, which are no. 1, no. 6, no. 7, no. 8, no. 9, no. 11, when net is angled 0. 78 radian. and net point is translated to ( 0. 75, 0. 076 ) ( at nwe coordinate system ). to third question, wefind a necessary and sufficient condition and affer algorithms, at last, we analyse algorithms

    運用化分散為集中的思想,把所有的井點都放在同一個單位網格內考慮.在坐標可平移、旋轉的條件下,利用尋找點群、有限步驟搜索法,對鉆井布局的三個問題進行了解答.對問題一,給出了兩個不同演算法.並對題目提供的數據進行了求解,演算法1得到的結點為( 0 . 361 , 0 . 461 ) ,最多有4個舊井點被同時利用,它們是第2 、 4 、 5 、 10個井點;演算法2得到的結點為( 0 . 390 , 0 . 505 ) ,最多有4個井點被利用,它們是第2 、 4 、 5 、 10個井點.對問題二,以結點為中心旋轉一定的角度后,歸結為問題一進行求解,求解結果為當網格傾斜角為0 . 78弧度(相對原坐標系) ,結點平移到( 0 . 75 , 0 . 076 )點(在新坐標系下) ,可被同時利用的最多舊井點為6個,它們是第1 、 6 、 7 、 8 、 9 、 11個井點,對問題三,我們給出了充要條件,並給出了演算法.最後還分析了演算法的優劣性
  5. Based on the academic curriculum theory, the idea of students - center, dell ' s theory of experiences, and the theory of constructionism, the author, aiming at building a research - based teaching mode, probes into the procedure, the principles and some matters needing attention