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  • ideal: adj 1 理想的,典型的。2 觀念的;想像的;空想的;不切實際的。3 唯心論的;理想主義的。n 理想;典型...
  • standard: n 1 標準,水準,規格,模範。2 旗;軍旗,隊旗;【徽章】標幟,標記;旗標,象徵。3 【植物;植物學】...

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  1. To be more specific, it is a moral ideal and a standard of rule by law, taking social public interest as its starting point and goal, to reasonably distribute social benefit and duty under the current social conditions of material life

  2. There are 127 international standard guest rooms. with the copied ancient courtyard shape and garden view style as its main character, the hotel has verdant grass and trees, evergreen and whirling bamboo. it is an ideal accommodation place for negotiating business, visiting friends and family members, and traveling around

  3. With excellent technical performance, high standard configuration and high reliability, the product is widely applied in works of highway, building, water and electric projects, producing excellent economic efficiency and social effects, as an ideal concrete conveying equipment

  4. Dali at more than 30 km northwest of taoyuan others bai is a residential - style inn, with a century from the town hi chau only two kilometers, according cangshan pong erhai lake is the hudiequan you to the beautiful and indispensable part of the old town of lijiang ' s, if your journey tired, if you want to slowly enjoy the beautiful scenery in dali, bai if you want to experience the quiet fishing village life, taoyuan people is your ideal quiet yajia, bai here typical residential home is white bai fishing village architecture and the epitome of the people ' s living standard practices by huotang, pottery, old fishing boats, carved wood doors and brick flower mix into a warm garden, you can feel different delight of life and peaceful countryside

  5. This paper is on the basis of that the bank credit transmission channel is main monetary policy transmission mechanism and the current loan supply is lower than the ideal standard point