ifl control panel中文意思是什麼

ifl control panel解釋

  • ifl: 國際友誼聯盟
  • control: n 1 支配,管理,管制,統制,控制;監督。2 抑制(力);壓制,節制,拘束;【農業】防治。3 檢查;核...
  • panel: n 1 面,板;【建築】四分板,門窗材,幅板,板條;嵌板;鑲板;方格;(木工)線板;【繪畫】(代替畫...

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  1. Astronaut dave scott, commander of apollo 15 and the film s technical consultant, advises actors on the specifics of the lunar module control panel

  2. At last, the paper presented the visualization implementation of the under working state for a cutter suction dredging simulator in detail after a brief introductions of the basic knowledge of computer graphics science. this part includes terrain visualization, interactive operations between vr model and control panel, the profile system of the dredge working state and so on

    在介紹完本文中用到的計算機圖形學的基本知識之後,文章詳細介紹了水下視景模擬的設計方案和實施步驟,這里包括虛擬地形建模、使用vc + + 6 . 0結合opengl開發應用程序、虛擬模型與控制盤臺的交互、疏浚作業剖面模擬等內容。
  3. Annotate for organisational ease easy access control panel

  4. Firefighting equipment - control panel for fire brigade inhouse radio systems

  5. A central control panel for a mechanical, electrical, or electronic system