igniter cable assembly中文意思是什麼

igniter cable assembly解釋

  • igniter: n. 1. 點火器;傳火藥,點火劑;點火者。2. 引爆裝置。
  • cable: n 凱布爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 【造船】錨鏈,錨索,(周長10英寸以上的)左捻三根三股索;粗索,巨纜;鋼絲繩...
  • assembly: n 1 集合。2 集會。3 會眾。4 〈A 〉立法會議,議院,(特指)下院〈美國州議會通常稱作 General Assemb...

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  2. To some extent the smaller the assembly, the more adaptable is its manufacture to automated techniques.

  3. Catalytic igniter assembly

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  5. Plastic jacket joint closure for telecommunication cable part 4 : assembly joint closure