illegal young marrieds中文意思是什麼

illegal young marrieds解釋

  • illegal: adj. 不法的,非法的。 an illegal operation 墮胎(罪)。adv. -ly
  • young: n 楊格〈姓氏〉。adj (younger; youngest )1 年輕的,幼小的,幼嫩的(opp old)。2 少年氣盛的,生氣...

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  1. Young abe feldman from schenectady, new york

  2. He was abetted in these illegal activities by his wife

  3. Programme targeting psychotropic substance users ( experimental and non - dependent regular users ) not already on treatment, particularly, young working adults ; ( 2 ) social re - integration programme to engage ex - drug addicts so that they stay abstinent and make improvements to their well - being

    (一)以未有接受治療的濫用精神藥物者(包括嘗試濫藥及未成癮的定期濫藥人士) ,特別是在職青年為對象的計劃;
  4. The cousin of his second wife is invloved in illegal weapon trade. to investigate the case, police also raids young s house. the rich family goes bankrupt finally.

  5. According to dr. chan, those very materialistic young people may be tempted to engage in gambling and illegal ways of getting quick money, such as shop - lifting or selling illegal media products