immovable bed model test中文意思是什麼

immovable bed model test解釋

  • immovable: adj 1 穩定的,固定的。2 (精神、決心等)不可動搖的;不屈的;堅定的;冷靜的,呆板的。3 (節日等)...
  • bed: n 1 床,床鋪;床位,鋪;(動物的)窩;〈比喻〉安樂窩,墳墓;床墊;睡眠;就宿。2 婚姻,夫婦關系。3...
  • model: n 1 模型,雛型;原型;設計圖;模範;(畫家、雕刻家的)模特兒;樣板。2 典型,模範。3 (女服裝店僱...
  • test: n 1 檢驗,檢查;考查;測驗;考試;考驗。2 檢驗用品;試金石;【化學】試藥;(判斷的)標準。3 【化...

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  1. And rock triaxial serve testing system is used, through model test involving bedded planes and a set of joint normal to the bedded planes in rock mass, multiple sliding failure affected by properties of joints and confining pressure is analysed, the condition triggering multiple sliding failure and characteristics of failure plane are given, under the co - action of inclination of connective joints ( bedded planes ), interlocking conditions of critical joints and confining pressure

  2. On the basis of collecting and arranging a large amount of projects experience, conbined with construction diversion flood passing measures design and hydraulic model test of lihua hydraulic pawer station in 1995 and 1996, the dissertation studies the issues related with characteristics of concrete face rockfill dam including the selection of construction diversion flood passing standard and measures, flood passing during construction period and embankment stage, coffer dam design, construction scheme and general schedule etc. and present preference for project construction

  3. Study on composite soil nailing in soft subsoil by model test

  4. Based on the riverbed evolution analyses of the downstream reach of oujiang estuary and physical model test of eight types of regulation projects, an estimation method for nondeposit velocity satisfying channel depth is presented under fixed bed model test condition

  5. The overall modal of test - bed for test & control system is built, based on deeply analysis of thermal torpedo ' s power & propelling system in a overall design view. in the paper, the general building of test & control system, the building of all parts " simulation model ( subsystem or module ), testing software designing and rotation rate control designing are discussed mainly